What Do You Meme? BSFW Edition

What Do You Meme? BSFW Edition

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The What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game is fun for friends from the social media generation. This is the BSFW, or Barely Safe for Work, edition of the title, which features toned-down content from the adults-only regular version. This party card game is simple to teach and quick to play. Every player selects one of the caption cards from their hand to accompany that round's image and plays it in secret. The judge then selects which caption they think is the funniest, and that caption's player gets a point. You can play to whatever score you like.

What Do You Meme? BSFW Edition:

Comes with 360 caption cards and 75 image cards

Includes an easel for displaying the image cards

Made using premium card stock for durability and a smooth feel

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