US Toy 4472 8 Piece Transparent Pull Back Cars - Pack of 8

US Toy 4472 8 Piece Transparent Pull Back Cars - Pack of 8

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3.2.1.Go! Get your race on with these transparent cars with pull back function. Simply slide them backwards on a surface, release and watch them zoom. The perfect party favor, watch as your young guests love to challenge each other to a race or simply use them in their pretend play fun.

Toys play a crucial part in development of a child. Toys as simple as wooden blocks or numbered puzzle, develops cognitive and physical skills. Complex puzzles, remote control cars, bubble guns helps learn and analyse cause effects and spatial relationships. Babies tend to play more and more with such toys and make themselves happy. Children's attitude towards their toys nurtures them big way.


8 Piece Transparent Pull Back Cars


26.355 lbs

- SKU: USTCYC177640

Pack of 8 transparent colored toy cars

Comes in assorted colors including orange, green, blue and yellow

Each vehicle measures approc 1.75" in length

Made of plastic, perfect for ages 3 and up

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