Ultimate Slimy Lab, SLIMYGLOOP, Fizzygloop, SQUOOSH-O's, OOZ-O's, 6+

Ultimate Slimy Lab, SLIMYGLOOP, Fizzygloop, SQUOOSH-O's, OOZ-O's, 6+

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Design, mix and mold 20 squishy creations with the Ultimate Slimy Lab! Combine simple ingredients to create colorful and stretchy SLIMYGLOOP! Mold vibrant paint and glitter to form Ooz-O's that are fun to pop and squeeze! Watch your slime come to life with a fizzy reaction when you make FizzyGloop! Mix colorful water beads and glitter to create bumpy sparkling SQUOOSH-O’S that relieve stress with every squeeze. Experiment with ingredients and different mixing tools to explore cool chemical reactions with each project. Discover your creativity as you design with details of glitter, expanding water beads and vibrant paint colors to eye-catching effects. Recommended for ages 6 years and up. Adult supervision required. Instructions are located under the black cardboard.
Ultimate Slimy Lab

Design, mix and mold 20 squishy creations of Ooz-O's, SLIMYGLOOP, SQUOOSH-O's and FizzyGloop

Experiment with different ingredients and explore chemical reactions that make your slime stand out

Get creative and design eye-catching slime with fun mix-ins including vibrant paints, shimmery glitter and rainbow expanding water beads

Mixing tools and easy-to-follow instructions included to help you begin creating with ease

A fun, hands on sensory experienceUse the large storage case to keep your slimy lab organized


Kit Includes:
8 Color Paint Strip, 1 Plastic Spoon, 3 Balloons, Sodium Tetraborate, Craft Sticks, Glitter, Ooz-O's Mold, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Alginate, Baking Soda, Fizzygloop Solution, Glue, Funnel, Expanding Water Beads, Beaker, Fizzygloop Mixture, Storage Case, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Age Range: 6 years & up

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