Tommee Tippee Bennie the Bear Light and Sound Sleep Aid - Rechargeable USB

Tommee Tippee Bennie the Bear Light and Sound Sleep Aid - Rechargeable USB

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This sweet and cuddly night-time companion will help you and baby get a good night’s sleep. With a warm glowing tummy, soothing sounds and gentle lullabies, Ollie, Pip, and Bennie create a lovely environment for your baby to drift off in. During the night, the smart CrySensor monitors for crying noises and plays your chosen sound or lullaby to help baby drift back to sleep. This loveable musical baby toy can be attached to a crib, stroller or car seat with secure Velcro, so baby can take restful sleep anywhere. Rest easy. We've got this. Helping you Parent On *Source: 222 UK respondents, feedback survey August 2018

85% of babies sleep better with a Tommee Tippee light and sound sleep aid*

Rechargeable: now rechargeable with USB, so no need to replace batteries

Smart CrySensor: responds to crying noise by playing 20 minutes of soothing sounds to help settle baby. For the next 3 hours it will reactivate if baby stirs, calming your little one back to sleep

6 natural soothing sounds: choose from heartbeat, rainfall, white noise, or 3 lullabies

Adjustable light and volume: Dimmable heart-shaped light allows you to choose right level of brightness and automatically switches off after 30 minutes. The sound or lullaby volume can be adjusted or turned off altogether.

Other cute and cuddly companions include Pip the Panda and Ollie the Owl, to suit any nursery décor

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