Safari Ltd Ocean Playmat Wild Sealife

Safari Ltd Ocean Playmat Wild Sealife

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Welcome to a world of wondrous wildlife and sprawling imagination With so many different habitats, such as Arctic ice floats, the oceans surface, the ocean floor, and even a few reefs, we were able to include images of tons of ocean creatures fitting for any kind of sea exploration A soft surface of educational adventure, our Ocean Playmat will turn anyone into a marine biologist

Put on your wetsuit, enter your submersible, and prepare to dive to unexplored depths to observe a stunning range of amazing animals and aquatic wildlife A great way to stimulate anyones imagination, our Ocean Playmat is a special space for creating awesome adventures

Rooted in the same beneficial, fun, and educational principles as our figurines, our Ocean Playmat provides safe play with an exploratory twist Make sure to outfit your submarine with everything youll need on your trek down into the oceans dark trenches

24 inches long and 45 inches wide, this playmat is as long as 2 standard American rulers end to end, and the width is a touch less than 4 standard American rulers end to end Full of terrific types of aquatic life, such as the rosy pink giant squid and the lime green eel, this playmat has endless amounts of exciting and colorful ocean expeditions

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