Polydron 1566894 Addition & Subtraction Posting Game

Polydron 1566894 Addition & Subtraction Posting Game

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A great game to encourage children to develop their addition and subtraction skills. Children take turns to pick up a card and calculate the answer to the addition or subtraction question, they can then check the answer on the reverse of the card. The card is then posted into the post box with the corresponding answer. There are 100 colour-coded question cards equally split between basic addition questions eg 44 =, complex addition questions eg 4= 7, basic subtraction questions eg 8 5 = and more complex subtraction questions eg 2 = 7. Includes 100 addition and subtraction cards and 10 post boxes numbered 1-10. Ages 3 and up.


No Choke Hazard

Contains No Allergens

Age Range:
3 Plus years

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- SKU: SSPC98205Educational Advantage Addition and Subtraction Posting Game

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