Nanobebe Pink Transition Bottle

Nanobebe Pink Transition Bottle

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Nanobebe's award-winning breastmilk bottles grow along with your little one. When baby is ready for the next stage bottle, Nanobebe's Stage 2 Transition Bottle is there for an easy change keeping the baby-loved features of the first bottle. The familiar shape that infants know and love encourages smooth, instinctual transitions from breast to bottle, and back, and the additional capacity satisfies your little one's growing appetites.

STAGE 2: encourages self-feeding, a bottle that babies love to hold

BREASTFEEDING BOTTLE: Baby instinctively connects to the bottle?s familiar shape, while faster warming satisfies baby?s immediate hunger needs. Our award-winning baby bottles for breastfed babies encourage a smooth transition from breast to bottle (and back).

NUTRIENT PROTECTION: A breastmilk storage bottle that cools 2xs faster to reduce bacterial growth. Even warming prevents hot spots & Quick warming allows to use safe temperatures.

ALL-IN-ONE FEEDING BOTTLE: Seal for perfect breast milk storage, warm, and feed all from one baby bottle. Easy to clean and assemble.

ANTI-COLIC BOTTLE: Slow flow 360 degree double vented system prevents colic and baby gas. Optimal for a breastfeeding newborn.


Dishwasher-safe top rack only

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