Hot Wheels Monster Truck Bone Shaker Monster Mover Vehicle

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Bone Shaker Monster Mover Vehicle

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Kids can store cars and play with the Hot Wheels Monster Truck. It features detailing similar to the iconic Bone Shaker vehicle, including a skeleton on the front bumper, and it can hold up to 12 Hot Wheels cars or trucks. It has a functioning rear ramp for launching vehicles out and 2 levels for storage. Pull the ramp down to open it and lift it up for transportation. This smaller version of a Bone Shaker monster truck is made of die-cast plastic and includes big tires that help it move along. It allows children to use their imaginations while organizing their cars, which maximizes space. This toy is recommended for children ages  3 years and up. It can fit up to 12 monster trucks of 1.64-scale inside. It's easy to carry, so kids can take it around the house or keep it in a daycare facility. They can also play with it individually or add more vehicles. Other Hot Wheels cars are sold separately. The Hot Wheels Monster Truck is practical and fun to use.

Hot Wheels Monster Truck:

Age Range: 3 years and up

Room to store and organize up to 12 monster truck vehicles 1:6-scale

Wide rear ramp and 2 levels

Gigantic wheels 

Inspired by the Bone Shaker monster truck

12-car capacity

Daycare toy

Multi-functional design 

Lightweight and compact 

Color: red 

Toddler truck

For storage and play 

Die-cast material 

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