Fisher-Price Shopping Cart

Fisher-Price Shopping Cart

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Fisher-Price is the # 1 trusted brand by moms and now kids can pretend to go grocery shopping with the Fisher-Price Shopping Cart!  The Fisher-Price Shopping Cart features a removeable basket and shape and number shorter!  Playset also includes one milk carton, one play apple, cheese, pretzel and jelly.  You can even help kids with problem solving and memory by asking them to help you complete your grocery list.  Kids will also learn shape and number recognition by placing items in cart's shape sorter.  The Fisher-Price Shopping Cart is a great toy to help kids learn cognitive, educational and developmental skills through real life scenarios!  Ages 3+

Helps kids learn cognitive, educational and developmental skills.

Fisher-Price is the #1 trusted brand by moms.

Features food made with squishy plastic!

Cash Register Set features a real working calculator, pop-out drawer, credit card scanner and a play bar-code scanner that really beeps.

Pair with the Fisher-Price Shopping Cart for a complete grocery experience.

Ages 3+

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