Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller, Stallion

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller, Stallion

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The Stallion Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller is just right for your needs now...and later, by converting to a double. Without any additional parts or tools, simply slide up the top attachment towers, and flip out the lower towers. Click on an additional infant car seat or Second Seat (sold separately) for multiple dual riding options on your Evenflo modular stroller. The toddler pad easily converts to a comfortably angled infant pad, and both modes are reversible. The Evenflo baby stroller helps your child to ride forward-facing or parent-facing. The unit is fully compatible with the SafeMax and LiteMax varieties (sold separately) without the need for an adapter. This Evenflo modular stroller has an extra-large, back and front-access storage basket expands to over 2' in length. Plus, it has a stylish and sleek design. This Evenflo baby stroller is made with high-quality parts.Large cruiser tires with front-wheel swivel and rear-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride and superior maneuverability. Comfort features include a three-position seat recline and five-position adjustable footrest. The brake keeps the unit in place as you safely take your child in and out. A peek-a-boo window keeps them visible at all times while parents enjoy a three-position adjustable handle and removable bumper bar. The flex-hold cup holder ensures a snug fit for a variety of beverage sizes, helping to avoid spills. When not in use, it's easily stored in a self-standing, compact fold, with the toddler seat still attached. For even more riding options, you can also add the Stroller Rider Board. Use it for an extra passenger or simply to give your little one a way to quickly hop on and off when little legs need a break.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller, Stallion:

Converts to double--stroller grows from single to double--unique slide and lock system expands frame to accommodate a second toddler seat or infant car seat (sold separately)

Evenflo modular stroller has 4 modes of use--toddler seat easily converts to infant mode, cradling baby at a more comfortable angle--and both modes can be used forward-facing or parent-facing for flexibility

Extra-large storage basket--expands to over 2' in length with front and back access for convenience

Evenflo baby stroller holds up to 55 lbs

Self-standing, compact fold--the compact fold conveniently self-stands, with toddler seat attached

Lightweight: stroller frame + toddler seat = 28.6 lbs

Adjustable handle--find the most comfortable spot for your height, with 3 handle positions

Adjustable footrest--5 footrest positions for child's comfort

Evenflo modular stroller has large cruiser tires--front-wheel swivel and rear-wheel suspension offer a smoother ride and superior maneuverability

Flip-flop friendly brake--helps steady the stroller when getting your child in and out

3-position seat recline--easily tilt the seat with one hand to a comfortable reclined position for child

Flex-hold parent cup holder--fits a variety of beverages sizes to help avoid spills

Evenflo baby stroller has a large canopy--full protection from the elements with a peek-a-boo window keeps baby visible at all times

Removable bumper bar--take children in and out of the stroller with ease

5-point harness--designed with safety in mind, and comes with strap covers to prevent strap irritation

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller is compatible with Evenflo LiteMax and SafeMax Infant Car Seats--no adapter needed

More riding options--pairs with the Evenflo Stroller Rider Board for an additional rider, or options that give little legs a break

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