Emoji Rug Soft and Cute - Perfect for Children - Made in France - Poop

Emoji Rug Soft and Cute - Perfect for Children - Made in France - Poop

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If you're looking for the SILKIEST, SOFTEST, CUTEST Emoji rugs for your home, then you'll want to consider this rug a top contender. It's GORGEOUS and piled just high enough to make it enjoyable to lounge on, without the tricky clean-up.FEELS & LOOKS AUTHENTIC, WITHOUT THE CRUELTY: Remember the last time you walked into a space and it felt.... well.... perfect? Fashion-forward thinkers realize how that one item, one unique thing, and in this case one genuine looking sheepskin shag carpet easily PULLS YOUR DECOR TOGETHER - giving it a wealthy, luxurious ambiance, WITHOUT THE GUILT of harming sweet little animals. STYLISH YET SIMPLE - THE TOP CHOICE of PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS & INTERIOR DESIGNERS: If you've done your research you already know that no rug holds a candle to ours. It's no wonder our rugs are top sellers among those who appreciate FINE DETAIL and only choose the best. And they love how it WON'T PEEL, SHED EXCESSIVELY or CURL UP AT THE ENDS, GUARANTEED! EASIEST TO CLEAN, SAFEST TO USE, BEST VALUE - MACHINE WASHABLE w/ NON-SLIP BACKING: If you like the EASY LIFE, you'll love how this sheepskin rug is SAFETY-COVERED w/ NON-SLIP BACKING & requires NO SPECIAL CARE. Simply pull it out of its protective packaging, give it a quick vacuum to pull up any stray hairs then simply TOSS IT IN THE WASHING MACHINE when you want it deeply cleaned, and your sheepskin rug will COME OUT LOOKING LIKE NEW!SIT, STAND, WALK & LAY ON ME for 30 DAYS, RISK FREE! Because our soft area rugs are MADE TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. We can confidently give you the opportunity to try this white rug for 30 days, risk free. We promise it feels plusher than any bedroom carpet, and even silkier than traditional fur rugs, and you'll love how easy it is to clean and how durably it holds up to every day traffic - or simply let us know and we'll listen and make it right!






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