Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls, 4-Pack

Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls, 4-Pack

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Provide an introduction to the world of color and texture with exciting Edushape Sensory Balls. They're thoughtfully designed with high quality features including thick walls that withstand heavy activity and a non-removable inflation/deflation receptacle (basketball pin type). This translates to safety as infants explore the balls in a whole-body way. These durable, fun and therapeutic balls are also visually appealing with assorted colors, attracting interest. This 4-pack sensory toy offers a unique texture for relaxing stimulation and body massage, a wonderful way to bond and offer gentle skin and muscle manipulation. These bright, round globes enhance gross motor and tactile skills, as well as encourage babies to crawl, grasp and improve coordination. It's a blast to roll, squeeze and throw See-Me Sensory Balls and progress to simple catching. Enjoy teaching color coordination and playing all kinds of entertaining games with your baby.

Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls, 4-Pack:

Thick walls

Non-removable inflation/deflation receptacle

Durable design

Features a unique texture

Enhances gross motor and tactile skills

Encourages crawling, grasping and coordination

Includes 4 4" balls in assorted see-through colors

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