Disney Minnie Mouse Minnie Paint N' Prep Station

Disney Minnie Mouse Minnie Paint N' Prep Station

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It's time to "primp" Minnie Mouse's ride at the Minnie Paint 'n Prep Station! Minnie's on another Happy Helpers mission, and she starts by taking the elevator to the second floor of her garage where she can give her Daily Driver a fabulous new look. Minnie Paint 'n Prep Station features a 3-inch poseable Minnie figure and vehicle along with a magic color change brush. Your child can pretend to paint Minnie's car by dipping the brush into the water reservoir of the control panel. When your child "paints" the car with cold water, Minnie's purple bows magically appear. Paint the car again, this time with warm water, and the bows go away. Now she's ready to ride in style! Zip down the ramp and fill 'er up at the gas pump. When the fun is done, your child can park the car in the garage until it's time for another motor adventure.Minnie Paint 'n Prep Station comes with Minnie's Daily Driver car with real rolling wheels, her paint station garage, color change brush, control panel that your child can fill with water, and a gas pump. Also includes a 3-inch (7.62 cm) poseable Minnie figure. Six play pieces in all!

Disney Minnie Mouse Minnie Paint N' Prep Station:

Age Range: 2 Years and Up

Minnie Paint 'n Prep Station playset with poseable Minnie figure

Take the lift to the second floor to paint Minnie's car

Purple bows appear using magic color-change brush

Launch Minnie's car down the ramp and gas 'er up

Open the garage door to store the car

Includes vehicle with real rolling wheels

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