Delta Toddler Bed Canopy, Pink

Delta Toddler Bed Canopy, Pink

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Add a whimsical touch to your nursery with the Delta Toddler Bed Canopy, Pink. It will create a cozy and relaxing ambiance for your little one to sleep in. This canopy is designed to fit most wooden or plastic toddler beds. The ribbon and ruffle add elegance and a touch of flair. It can create a magical new space in your child's room. This Delta toddler canopy features high arches that keep it out of the way. This makes it easy to put your little one to bed for a nap for help them out in the morning. The fabric will give this canopy a unique look that makes the room appear like a royal bedroom. It is ideal for children who are fans of fantasy stories or princess movies. This unit is easy to put together for your convenience. It can fit a bed that measures 53" x 29". The Delta Toddler Bed Canopy, Pink, is available in other colors as well.

Delta Toddler Bed Canopy:

Can be used with most wooden and plastic toddler beds

Fits toddler bed size: 53"L x 29"W

Easy to assemble

Bed not included with canopy

Baby bed canopy

Ruffles and ribbon

Color options: purple, pink

Delta toddler canopy gives a unique and royal look

Adds a touch of elegance and charm to the bedroom

High arches

Cozy and relaxing ambiance

Ideal for children who are fans of fantasy stories or princess movies

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