Danha Diaper Storage Caddy Grey Cheveron

Danha Diaper Storage Caddy Grey Cheveron

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Danha Grey Cheveron Print Diaper Storage Caddy

100% Polyester

Perfect for diapers and baby cleaning accessores

Modern Design

Unisex and Stylish

About The Product

WELCOME TO DIAPER STORAGE ORIENTATION: This wonderful diaper bag will be your no.1 trusted friend when it comes to diaper changing. You can store your baby’s diapers, wipes, talcum powder, changing pad into the practical Danha diaper storage organizer and make sure that everything needed is within reach.

KILLING THE FASHION GAME: A most stylish and elegant fabric diaper stacker, with a tasteful unisex design that can adorn mom’s shoulders, either you are a mommy of a baby boy or a baby girl. If you like style, then you will positively adore your new nappy caddy.

GRAB ‘N’ GO: And ready for a stroll in the park or a picnic at the beach. Your portable diaper basket will carry your kid’s daily supply providing you with the ability to perform your diaper changing task wherever you are. Made of durable outer and inner lining fabrics, along with top stitchwork, you may rest assured that your hanging diaper organizer will become your go-to baby organizer storage bag.

KEEP IT AS A TOY BOX FOR YOUR TODDLER: When your baby gets older, you can use your trusted cloth storage bin by Danha as a toy box. Place and store your child’s toys or accessories in this handy organizer basket or use it as a travel bag for daily excursions and family trips. Beautifully designed as it is, it is going to become your favorite keepsake from your kid’s first years.

A FANTASTIC GIFT FOR A BABY SHOWER: The best diaper bag for the most successful baby shower party. New mothers will be grateful for your consideration, as their beautiful, new diaper storage organizer caddy will prove to be far more useful than they originally thought. An absolute necessity for mommies-to-be.

Technical Details

Weight - 8 ounces

Product Dimensions - 9 x 9.5 x 7 inches

Material Type - 100% polyester

Product Description

Save Time And Trouble When Changing Your BabyChanging your baby means kicking and sudden, abrupt movements, meaning that your attention has to be 100% focused on protecting your baby from hurting itself and yourself from the all kicking. You do not have the luxury of doing things taking your time.Everything you may need should be in the proximity of your changing table. This diaper bag can hold your baby’s diapers and cleaning accessories along with your baby skin care products. Imagine you are all alone with your baby, you have already removed its dirty diaper and the clean ones are a mile away in the nursery room. Pure trouble.Unisex And PoshThe Danha diaper stacker owns a beautiful design pattern, modern grey cheveron, making it neutral and suitable for both girls and boys. Dads can carry it too.Don’t You Just Hate It When You Find A Little Diaper Here And Another One There?Easy to fix. Your new diaper storage organizer is large enough to hold a decent diaper supply along with the necessary baby changing gear. The divider will help you organize its space according to your own needs, allowing you to find anything you need fast and easily. No more bag excavations or emptying its content on the park grass.Easy To Clean In An InstantYou can clean your diaper caddy quickly and effortlessly by using a damp cloth. Both the interior and the exterior of your diaper storage bag are made of high quality fabrics that facilitate their cleaning and maintenance.The Danha Diaper Storage Caddy comes with money back guarantee.Click Add To Cart Now – Before We Run Out Of Stock

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