Children Family Inflation Pool Baby Ocean Ball Bath Toys Square

Children Family Inflation Pool Baby Ocean Ball Bath Toys Square

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Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, Inflatable Lounge Pool for Baby, Kiddie, Kids, Adult, Outdoor, Garden, Backyard, Summer Water Party
High Quality Material: The high-strength hot carbon tough PVC layered independent air-bag adopts reinforced thermal fusion technology, which is firm and not easy to break. If a single layer leaks, it will not affect the normal use of the surrounding baby. Upgraded air Leak-proof Valve: Each layer of air-bag has an upgraded version of leak-proof valve, which is highly sealed to prevent air leakage.
Comfortable to Use: The wear-resistant thermal insulation foam bottom is comfortable for pedaling without bump.
Baby Falling Prevention: The thick bottomed inflatable bladder effectively blocks the cold on the ground, avoiding the rapid drop in water temperature, and prevents the baby from falling and stung while swimming or playing in the pool.
Product Sizes: 110 x 88 x 33cm; 128 x 85 x 45cm; 155 x 108 x 46cm.
Name: Swimming Pool
110 x88x 33cm/43.31x34.65x12.99in
Material: High-strength hot carbon tough PVC layered independent air-bag
Instructions for use:
After unpacking, unfold it completely and lay it flat on a clean and smooth ground.
From the bottom to the top, inflate layer by layer, inflate to 90% -95% saturation, and then press down to parallel to the body of the pool. After inflating for 8 hours, there is no air leakage, and then add cold water. Add hot water (after mixing with water). The temperature must not be higher than 50℃ ).
After use, open the bottom drain plug. After the water is drained, place the swimming pool in the shade and dry it. Then open the vent valve, completely deflate and put it in a PE bag and place it in the shade.
Packing List:
1 x Swimming Pool

Beautiful and practical generous, comfortable and durable, safe and reliable

Unique design, do not follow the trend

It can gives you a euphoric feeling

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