Chicco Rim Spout Trainer Cup 9oz, Blue/Teal, 9m+ (2pk)

Chicco Rim Spout Trainer Cup 9oz, Blue/Teal, 9m+ (2pk)

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Chicco's Rim Spout Trainer sippy cup has a bite proof narrow-edge spout designed to train toddlers to drink from the rim of a cup. With a unique ergonomic design, this spout encourages proper lower lip positioning with plenty of space for little noses. Spills have never been easier to avoid. With the one-piece construction silicone valve in place, gentle sipping activates the flow of liquid from the spout. You can flip the sippy cup upside down and all around without leaking a drop. Or easily remove the valve for practice with free-flow drinking. The contoured shape of the cup is specially designed for tiny hands to grab and hold. The Spill Free Rim-Spout Trainer Sippy cup is loved by kids and parents alike with adorable illustrations decorating each cup and mix and match lids for the perfect color combo. For a quick and easy wash, all parts are dishwasher safe. With minimal parts that are all interchangeable, the Chicco Rim Spout Trainer Sippy Cup is exactly what every parent needs: functional, minimalistic, easy to clean, and loved by big and little kids alike.

RIM SPOUT TRAINER SIPPY CUP has a narrow-edge bite-proof spout and a unique ergonomic design that encourages proper lip positioning for easy drinking

NO SPILL SIPPY CUP with sip activated flow for spill free drinking, or remove the valve so your child can practice free-flow drinking

FOR LITTLE HANDS - the sippy cup is shaped especially for toddler hands and is easy to hold

EASY TO KEEP CLEAN - snap-on cap keeps spout clean when not in use and minimal parts are dishwasher safe and easy to assemble

INTERCHANGEABLE lids, spouts and cups, all BPA, Latex and PVC Free

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