Charlie Banana One Size Diaper, Soccer

Charlie Banana One Size Diaper, Soccer

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One Size Diaper

Charlie Banana® one size diaper is a hybrid
While traveling, or for any occasional situation the ability to use a disposable insert is sometime necessary. You know have both options. When using Charlie Banana® you can use reusable insert or disposable ones. Of course we recommend that you use reusable inserts most of the time.

Patented One Size Sizing Bra-Strap Design now includes a triple bar buckle which allows for a more secure fit around the legs for One-Size Diapers.

Product Features

Healthy, stylish, economical and eco friendly

Use with washable or disposable inserts

A diaper with options!

Time for a change!

She Knows Parenting Awards 2013 Winner

NCW Eco Excellence Awards? 2015 Finalist Best Baby Gear: Strollers

Mum Best Baby & Toddler Gear Gold 2014

Mother & Baby Awards 2015 Proudly Supported Tesco

Stroller City Moms, Expert Advice 2013 New Baby Checklist Approved
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Packing - Recyclable

Reusable Diaper

?inc Design Ltd.

US Patent nos: 12/723,036 and 13/157,190

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