Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play Activity Mat - Teddy Bear

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play Activity Mat - Teddy Bear

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Every baby needs a place to play. With the Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play mat, your little cub will have the coziest space to do just that! Plush and padded, this grizzly bear mat offers support for all your baby?s wiggles and kicks. The sweet matching prop pillow gives baby a lift as she learns to push up during those first few months. Little loops of satin Taggies surrounding the play mat will give your baby extra entertainment and comfort. Baby can also explore crinkle sounds, rattles and other toy attachments. Make tummy time even easier by propping up the grizzly bear?s head to bring the toys within reach. The propped up paws features a baby-safe mirror to engage baby and encourage head movements from left to right. Made to fit well in small spaces, you can bring this mat along when traveling for creature comforts wherever you are!

Made for big bear hugs and creature comforts

Props up to help make tummy time easier

Includes matching prop pillow for additional support

Fits well in small spaces and when traveling

Baby-safe mirror, rattle and toy attachments

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