American Made Giant Blue Teddy Bear Soft 55 Inches Almost 5 Feet Tall

American Made Giant Blue Teddy Bear Soft 55 Inches Almost 5 Feet Tall

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Great gift of love for guaranteed big smiles and happy memories. Ships in BIG Box for Maximum BIG Impression. Hard to find. Grab it now.

Stuffed by hand in the USA. This super-sized version of the "classic" teddy bear is sure to be a great ambassador of your feelings.

This big plush American made giant blue teddy bear isn't just extremely large and soft, he's REALLY Large and VERY Silky Soft.

He measures 55 inches (that's almost 5 feet tall) from head to toe. And this big teddy bear is almost as wide as he is tall, and nearly as deep too!

When measured in the sitting position, he measures a little over three feet going straight up from his rump up to his head.

Made with high quality, soft American-made sky blue color plush fur, it is made with a lot of attention to detail and adorable design.

He knows how to pack on the pounds, as he is stuffed with lots of squishy soft polyester, which turns him into a giant size pillow or bed in case of an emergency.

He's got adorable big foot paw imprints on his feet, and he shows a Classic teddy bear look that's quite friendly. Just like you would expect from a lovable "Big old Bear".

If you're looking to send a Giant size version of the classic teddy bear to someone special, then this guy is the perfect gift.

Ships in a box that really is is quite large; so right from the start, this big plush bear is sure to get the attention of the lucky special someone that you're sending this to.

Guaranteed to make a BIG impression of smiles and happiness.

When it comes to sending a meaningful gift, sometimes nothing but the biggest will do; and if that's the case, then this is YOUR "Big Time" giant teddy bear.

Get this huge teddy bear and send it to someone special to show your big time love right NOW.

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