Adventure Force Green T-Rex Plastic Figure

Adventure Force Green T-Rex Plastic Figure

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Be transported back in time hundreds of millions of years, and get to know your favorite dino up close and personal, with this Mighty Megasaur Battery Operated Walking T-Rex from Adventure Force! This fun and versatile Mighty Megasaur is all your little one needs to have the time of their life roaming the earth with dinosaurs, explore the prehistoric world, and have an unforgettable adventure! This premium toy comes with a bright, vibrant design in green that's sure to be a big hit with your kid. The T-Rex makes a ferocious roar, has angry glowing eyes, and can shake his head, for super fun and immersive play, so you can use your imagination and get creative. The set comes with a super realistic design and parts with serious attention to detail. Get ready to explore uncharted territory with all your favorite dinosaurs, and pick up this Adventure Force Mighty Megasaur today! This dinosaur toy is designed for children ages 3 and up.

Roaring Rex is all you need to be transported back in time hundreds of millions of years

Fun and vibrant coloring in green is eye-catching and sure to be a hit with all kids

Super realistic design with serious attention to detail, so it looks like the real thing

T-Rex makes roaring, growling, breathing and eating sounds

Have a blast roaming the prehistoric Earth with your new dino pal

Ideal for any kids who love dinosaurs, adventure, history and more

Designed for use by children ages 3 and up

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