#7 "Bird Watching, Belly Cars, Chucky" New

#7 "Bird Watching, Belly Cars, Chucky" New

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For the seventh issue of Damaged magazine editor George Mefsut prepared seven articles, which are again devoted to subjects that are less commonly seen in other publications. This includes a post-apocalyptic vignette featuring a robot, a racing car converted into a hover car, a space shuttle from the Star Wars universe, a WWII aircraft drop tank converted into a vehicle, an atmospheric ‘bird-watching trip’ diorama, a scratch-built propeller-driven land vehicle, and the famous Chucky doll figure.

All articles are written in step-by-step style and are illustrated with high quality photos, allowing to explain different building, painting and weathering techniques and notice interesting details created by the authors.#7 "Bird Watching, Belly Cars, Chucky" New

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