"4 Robots" Rug

"4 Robots" Rug

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All little kids love robots! This incredibly detailed rug is perfect as a bedside rug for any little robot lover and the perfect rug for that "out of this world Nursery".

Aside from beauty, the safety of our products is of the utmost importance. All of our rugs are made of 100% natural wool, using hand dyed yarns, with a cotton duck backing and are latex free to prevent off-gassing. (dangerous chemical fumes) Safer for babies & children?s rooms. A rug pad is recommended.

Special feature: Less shedding than traditional wool rugs due to our specifically developed and exclusive twist yarn and hooked construction. Less shedding means less of an opportunity for wee ones to breathe or ingest loose fibers.

CARE: Occasional rug cleaning by a professional rug cleaning company is recommended. Do not dry clean. For occasional spills, clean immediately to prevent staining by carefully blotting with clean un-dyed cloth. Avoid direct sunlight and rotate rug for more even wear. It is okay to vacuum the rug on the low setting, preferably without the beater brush.

DIMENSIONS: 5? Wide x 3? Tall

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